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Yolande Jimenez-Koekenbier

"Art in Colour"
Abstract arts

Paintings, wall objects and sculptures
(Employing hybrid techniques)


My arts will give your interior a modern and contemporary character
which will give a good impression of your business

Your reception and meeting rooms will get a fresh and warm appearance which can work stimulating and motivating.

You can always ask for a presentation of my arts.


Visit the rest of this website and it will give you a bit of impression of the richness of colors in my paintings, sculptures, wall objects and shawls.

Yolande Jimenez Koekenbier

The world and space around me with all its natural and human aspects provide me the inspiration for my abstract arts which are characteristically colorful and dynamic which also become my own signature.

In all my works, it can be noticed that there is a coexistence between the human me, the subject and the material.

Color, depth and movement are themes which can be found often appearing in my paintings. Recently, more and more human aspects like elegance, strength and intensity make their way into my paintings which play now-a-days an important role in the totality of my work.

In my own way, I interpret these themes and express them in paintings with explicit forms and profound colors. The use of high contrast and texture can actually result in the display of a perceptible tenseness in all my works.

Please visit the galery of the website with an overview of my artworks and experience the bright and lively colours of my work.

Since my younger days, I have already shown a lot of interest in colors. It was in the year 1990 when I began giving in to my passion by actually painting in a colorful way. The foundation of my skill was established during my education in Textile Artwork under the supervision of Annelies de Graaf and Abstract Acrylic Painting under the supervision of Rineke Kop. Meanwhile, I have managed to deepen my knowledge in the great diversity of possibilities in the use of textile, synthetic non-woven and acryl as art materials.
I have conducted on a regular basis successful expositions of my work. These lead to diverse orders which vary from shawl and article of clothing to paintings and wall objects.

Brief overview of expositions:
  • Waalse Kerk in Breda
  • “de Gaegh” in Delft
  • Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis in Delft
  • Galery “'t Onderhuis” at Lage Zwaluwe
  • CBS (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek) in Voorburg
  • Centrum voor Kunst en Cultuur in Zoetermeer
  • CBS in Voorburg
  • Galery “de Sigarenfabriek” in Delft
  • Galery Vonkel in Den Haag
  • Kleur je Interieur, Metamorfosen van de Poptahof, Delft
  • Galery Abtswoude in Delft
  • Koningkerk in Voorburg
  • Pimping The Stars, Poptahof Delft
  • Gordunahuis in Gent, Belgium (3 t/m 25 februari 2007)
  • Exposition in Damme, Belgium (1 t/m 16 september 2007)
  • Galery Nootenboom in Nootdorp (21 en 22 september 2007)
  • Gordunahuis in Gent, Belgium "Before en Now" (10 t/m 25 november 2007)
  • Koningkerk in Voorburg "Wintersalon" (8 t/m 30 december 2007)
  • Galery Hawar in Oldeberkoop (planned 2009)